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BDLS - Volume 4 by Lomebririon BDLS - Volume 4 by Lomebririon
EDIT: Changed episode numbers and a couple of tweaks.

Man, it is crazy making a DVD cover! Those are real classifications and distributor. =P

Created in late 2008, this fairly high-budget series was a mix of both 2D and 3D animation. It was well received, noting well animated fight scenes, fluid animation and a fairly well-rounded storyline. The end of the series was criticised by fans for not resolving the relationship between Abelard and Tabitha, but that was soon forgotten as their relationship, some story loose ends and other exploits continued in the OVA series "Battleship Devil League Submarines: Ghost Battleship", which was released late 2009. A light hearted series of shorts is due to be released this year, focusing on some of the smaller characters such as the ship's Cafeteria's Waitresses, entitled "Battleship Devil League: Restaurant Submarines".

Here is the synopsis for the 2009 series "Battleship Devil League Submarines":

The scene is set in a flooded world, where most of the open air consists of gale-force winds and heavy storms. The majority of the planet lives, works and travels in submarines in order to avoid the surface. There are Cities dotted around the world, many of them float (Some can submerge), but they are fairly sparse - seperate cities are almost like seperate countries. Some cities fight amongst one another and are determined to take over each other's designated territories and resources. Many of these city-countries do not wish to fight, they just try to protect their borders and resources.

The story focuses on The main ship of a fleet of patrol submarines for the Union of Spheres, a very powerful Country that claims to be protectors and enforcers of good. The fleet, named the Devil League, was created to patrol areas of unrest and to travel to areas where assistance was needed. The Devil League is somewhat famous for having an extremely high Captain turnover, with many dying fairly soon after they take up the station due to the harsh conditions and dangerous situations. They call it 'the devil in the league', and it is looked upon as a kind of curse; also quite unfortunate for you if you're chosen.

The second half of the series is mainly dedicated to the crew uncovering the lies and secret intentions of their own government, the Union of Spheres. The Devil League Submarine eventually goes rogue to avoid unjust punishment.


Abelard Rodin (Guy on back of DVD case, middle screenshot):
The captain-in-training, unwittingly thrown in to the deep end (as it were), when he is asked to command the Devil League. Takes the position to protect the crew and swears to break the 'curse' on the submarine. His propensity to dive in to help citizens of the Sea and his crew members without thinking may prove otherwise if he isn't careful.

Tabitha Caldwell (Woman in military uniform on DVD):
Navigation officer of the Devil League Submarine; has been offered Captain's position before, but always turns it down as a firm believer of the Devil in the league. A strong woman, who has somewhat neglected her personal life in favour of her career. Develops feelings for Abelard, and tries to protect and advise him.

Elina (Blonde haired woman on DVD case): A spy for the Anarchy of Spheres, an opposing nation against the Union of Spheres, she is the one who makes Abelard and Tabitha begin to doubt their allegiances. Discovered and interrogated, driving forces eventually lead her to take up a position on the ship.

Captain Renken(Not shown): The original captain of the Devil League, a very wise man, with a passion for deep sea exploration.

Other characters such as a sonar technician, waitresses, mechanics, a fish girl, an Ichthyologist, and many more!

I want to add more here later, cause I reckon this could really work as a series. :D
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Wintereye111 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2017
The premise is actually quite good, so revisiting this might be a good idea.
TheRawr000000 Featured By Owner May 26, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Gosh, I wish this was real! This is SO awesome! *Squee* I just love this idea! :D
Lomebririon Featured By Owner May 29, 2010   Digital Artist
Thank you, so do I! :heart: I would love to make this a real series. :D
DragonScholar Featured By Owner May 2, 2010
Congrats, THIS was one of the contest runners-up!
Lomebririon Featured By Owner May 4, 2010   Digital Artist
Thank you! :boogie:
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